Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Notations On Our World (Special Mid-Week Edition): On #ComeyFiring; @kittyhawkcorp & Other Thoughts...

As all know by now, the FBI Director was fired by President Trump.   It has been in the headlines and our team was keeping tabs on it over Twitter since yesterday.    The President himself has been tweeting as he called out  "Crying Chuck Scuhmmer" and lying Richard Blummenthal.    Our team found it of special interest how the so-called case was developed that led to the President dismissing the FBI Director.   Reporting from US Media indicates that the FBI Director found out about it through news reports (right as we broke the story here on our Twitter Feed).  Fox News has been at the forefront of noting how the firing was "overdue" (Tucker Carlson", how Comey was an embarrassment, (Sean Hannity" and the more conservative media (including Red State and others).   We also understand that the President's "Body Man" delivered the letter to the FBI Headquarters in Washington.    This is as the investigation into Michael Flynn is continuing as a number of his associates have apparently been subpoenaed.     

The White House sent out the Principal Deputy White House Press Secretary, Sara Huckabee Sanders, to push the Trump Administration talking point that the FBI Director had lost the confidence of the rank and file last night.   She was on CBS News Red & Blue program last night noting that she had just received messages from numerous FBI rank and file officers noting how Director Comey had lost the trust and confidence and it was time for new leadership.  She also noted that a "President Hillary would have fired him".    What must be noted, though, is that The FBI Director does serve at the Pleasure of the President and can be dismissed without cause.    It is bound to be a very interesting White House Daily Press Briefing today--although our team is not certain what will be achieved in 30 minutes.  

As we went to press, we are seeing the Vice President, Mike Pence, defending the President and noting how "grateful" he was for the President's decision as he has once again has been tasked with "explaining away" the President's actions.   He noted about how the country needs to move "past the politics of the past year"--yet he seems not to address that the President contributed to the very difficult politics today.    As our team was assessing overnight developments, we picked up this from the Twitter Feed of the +The New York Times Eric Lipton that was telling about the state of affairs right now : 


As we went to press here, there is live coverage of the Secretary of State meeting the Russian Foreign Minister which is very interesting as the Russian Foreign Minister is also scheduled to see the President later on today.     In the meantime, there is a new President in South Korea, China continues its' ascendancy with "Belt and Road,", Iran is continuing a very vibrant President Campaign as the UK continues its' election campaign that may see a radical redrawing of the political landscape as "Brexit" begins.   And more importantly, Larry Page's flying car, Kitt Hawk, will be on Sale later on this year!! :)

Never a dull moment.....

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