Monday, May 8, 2017

Notations From the Grid: On #IranElection2017

President Rouhani of Iran On the Campaign Trail

The elections in Iran are a focus of ours this week as we assess it to present the latest on the eve of the Elections.    What we just picked up during our morning review on the "Grid" is telling in how President Rouhani went after his chief conservative rival, Ebrahim Raissi:

Raissi was part of a committee that decided on executions some 25 years that continues to haunt  Iran up to this day.   What must be noted, though, is that Rouhani's own Justice Minster was part of that Committee and was implicated in taped conversations with then-Deputy Supreme Guide of the Revolution, Ayatollah Montazeri who reminded the Committee that they would be forever condemned for what they have done.    The son of Ayatollah Montazeri released the audio of the conversations, was condemned by the special court for the clergy (headed by Raissi), condemned to losing his clergy pedigree and 21 years in Prison--currently suspended.     

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