Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Notations From the Grid (May 2017 M-End Edition): On #Afghanistan ; @ParisAgreement; #Russia & @POTUS

The deadly attack at the heart of the Afghan Capital, Kabul, underscores the continued challenge being faced in Afghanistan as the United States continues to fight on:

The close promixity to the Presidential Palace and key embassies shows a failure at the highest level of intelligence as the Taliban continue their onslaught and as the Islamic State continues to make inroads.    

Beyond Afghanistan, there is the Paris Agreement.   Our team released a special edition of Notations as we were seeing reports of President Trump's decision to withdraw from Paris as he noted in a meeting with the Prime Minister of Vietnam he's "....hearing from a lot of people...believe me...".   The agreement was signed by all with the exception of Nicaragua and Syria.   The European Union and China are issuing a joint statement to reaffirm their commitment to the agreement tomorrow as the President seems to buy the arguments advanced by his EPA Adminstratior and 22 US Senators who have made economic arguments against the deal.     

In the meantime, there is of course the Russia investigation that is continuing onward.   Subepenaos have gone out as The Fired FBI Director is slated to testify next week apparently noting that President Trump pressured him over the Russia Investigatoin.      What was also interesting and "Buried" in the same digital front page of the Washington Post was a move by Former Vice President Biden to set up a potential 2020 run.    That would be quite interesting to be witness to as the current @POTUS deals with his own on-going struggles.

It is bound to be a very challenging June 2017 indeed....

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