Thursday, May 18, 2017

Notations On Our World (Special Edition): On @POTUS watch & #IranElection2017

The latest "drama" (to paraphrase The US Senate Majority Leader) continues in Washington as the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, came out in defense of the President as he noted that he wanted "...all the facts".   Two US Senate  Committees  has sent out letters asking for all Comey-related memos as there have been reports of countries balking at further intelligence sharing with the United States.    Wednesday also saw massive losses in the Markets--with the Dow losing over 300 Points.    

There have been some talk of Impeachment as some have begun talking about triggering the 25th Amendment as the World awaits what The Former Director of the FBI will have to say..    Vladimir Putin's dramatic intervention about an offer to give a transcript of the meeting with the Russian Foreign Minister to the US Congress.   Our view is that Putin's words must be taken with a grain of salt.   The Deputy Attorney General's appointment of former FBI Director, Robert Mueller, as Special Counsel is also of note as the investigation gathers steam.   

The President went to the Coast Guard Academy yesterday to complain about how he was treated.  One very interesting comment was from Ohio Goveror John Kasich as he noted basically to all who were supporting Donald Trump that , "...I told you so..."

There were also a few interesting developments as President Trump gears up to leave for his 10-Day Foreign Trip.   It was noted that there would be no annoucement on the US Embassy Move while President Trump is in Israel.    This is also as this came out that J-Street sent out in a Newsflash on the Iran Deal yesterday:  

J Street

BREAKING NEWS ALERT: Trump administration just re-issued sanctions waivers needed to uphold the Iran deal

Today the Trump administration took the necessary steps to continue sanctions relief to Iran in compliance with US obligations under the Iran nuclear agreement.

Although S-722 is still "working its' way through, we view this move as an implicit support of the Moderate Faction in the Iranian Elections especially as the lines have been clearly drawn.   Rouhani has garnered support from the leading internal opposition figure, Former President Khatamai, Khomeini's Grandson (referred to as the Imam's Reminder in Iran), The family of Former President Rafsajanii and a whole slate of progressives including the leading academic Professor Zibakalam of Tehran University.   His Instagram account has been especially active as he has called upon all Iranians to vote  on the progressive slate of candidates to "wipe the slate clean" .It was also quite amazing on how Rouhani called on his supporters to restrain themselves and avoid being provoked by opponents.    It has been one of the most vibrant election as we look forward to further guidance on it as we await the Election results.   

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