Thursday, May 11, 2017

Notations From the Grid: On #ComeyFiring; #Iran & Other Thoughts....

Rod Rosenstein, The US Deputy Attorney General                       

As Thursday dawns, there was some very interesting developments in the aftermath of the firing of the FBI Director.    Mr. Comey wrote a note to the FBI rank and file noting that a US President could fire an FBI Director--and he accepted that.      However, the uproar is bound to continue especially as our team just picked up reports (first reported by the Washington Post and released by us on our Twitter Feed by Haaretz) that the Deputy Attorney General of the United States threatened to resign over the manner in which the Firing was handled.     The New York Times just released an open letter to the Deputy Attorney General that is available by clicking on here.

Beyond the shores of the United States, there is the on-going election campaign in Iran.  Our team picked up a recent campaign infomercial  broadcast on Iranian State Television as President Rouhani admitted shortcomings--but noted some very interesting facts.   He spoke out forcefully for the rights of women, was forceful in protecting the Environment and underscored it is imperative to create a sense of hope and optimism for all (the conversation is in Farsi):

The opening scenes was also telling as it began as President Rouhani made an appearance at Tehran University on the occasion of University Student Day.   The attacks on him were telling in terms of the disappointments and the true realities faced by Iranians.    In the aftermath of the Comey Firing, we could not help but wonder what would President Trump's reaction have been if he was faced with a similar circumstance....

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