Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Notations On Our World: Briefly on #JointAddress by @POTUS

President Trump just finished delivering his first address to a Joint Session of Congress.    It entailed a review of the first 40 days of his Administration and what has been done to date.  He also noted how he plans to expand the Military, repeal and replace Obamacare and launc the $ 1 Trillion Infrastructure Program.   The key feature of this was underscored:  Buy American, Hire American.  It was quite interesting how he underscored his commitment to Clean Air and Clean Water.   

As he continued  He also interestingly noted how he planned to give Governors the tool to expand Medicaid to ensure access.   He also talked about Paid Family Leave.  What was striking was how he opened his speech by condemning Anti Semitism and also noted the recent shootings in Kansas that resulted in the death of an Indian Engineer working for Garmin.    BuzzFeed has noted that some 7 Mosques have burnt down which underscores the challenges faced at the grassroots.   He reminded all that, "We all bleed the same blood and salute the same flag and were created by God...".   He challenged Americans to be bold, not be burdened by the fears, "to believe in yourself" and to think big.     He also asked Democrats to join in this transformation.   

The most important highlight was when the President spoke about Chief Ryan Owens who was killed in operations in Yemen.   He underscored how he did not die in vain and the entire Congress rose up in applause to honor his applause as his wife was in attendance.    It was a moving tribute to be witness to--notwithstanding the Chief''s Father who expressed profound reservations about the raid and his call for an investigation after having refused to Meet the President.   

As the President's broad themes will translate into concrete policies and the on-going assessments continues,  our view is that It was a hopeful, unifying speech.     We look forward to commenting and reflecting upon the execution of the vision the President laid out  over the ensuing weeks 

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