Thursday, February 23, 2017

Notations On Our World: On Being Thankful & Challenges

As February 2017 draws to a close here in #Outsiders, we wanted to simply note how grateful we are to serve.    We look forward to the continued opportunity to serve as our network evolves as we continue to assess our World fully aware of the true realities in our World Today as underscored by the profound challenges faced in our World Today.    This challenge was underscored by the horrific attack on two Indian Engineers in Kansas.     Our founder sent out a Tweet of condolence to the Indian Foreign Minister and tagged the President, the Vice President and the White House Press Secretary with the hope that they would speak out forcefully against such actions.  The President is scheduled to speak at @CPAC 17 tomorrow.

As our journey continues, we are fully cognizant of the continued challenges in our World as we look forward to adding voice to the voiceless and living up to our mission to work to change the conversation about our World: 

Onward to March 2017 with all its' possibilities.....

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