Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Notations On Our World (Special Late Evening Edition): On the Latest From Washington as Senator Warren is Cut Off

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Mitch McConnell, The US Senate Majority Leader, moved to silence the speech by Senator Elizabeth Warren as she spoke out against the nomination of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General.    This is as she tried to read the Coretta Scott King letter into the permanent record of the US Senate.    Here is the full letter:  https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/3259988-Scott-King-1986-Letter-and-Testimony-Signed.html#document/p1

We understand that BuzzFeed first reported the content of the letter that was never put into the record by Then-Chairman Senator Strom Thurmond.     As our team reviewed this, we could certainly understand why President Trump was so irate when the publication of the Intelligence dossier occured.   

Based on the "objection" by Senator McConnel, it is clear that Jeff Sessions in on his way to be Attorney General of the United States.   Whether he is able to be independent is another question at this stage.    For us, the situation in Israel is the perfect test case as the Israeli Attorney General has stood up to note that he would not defend what we view as  "Theft-Law" that has been passed which we will have further comments on here in another edition of Notations over the ensuing days.     The Israeli Attorney General has also allowed Police to investigate the Israeli Prime Minister over at least two corruption allegations.    This is also as the battle over the President's Travel Ban looms as we noted in a special edition of Notation earlier this evening.

Challenging Times....

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