Sunday, February 19, 2017

Notations On Our World (W-End Edition): On @POTUS Watch & Our World

Tomorrow will be exactly 30 days with Donald Trump took the oath of office.   The US Public Affairs Shows featured the White House Chief of Staff as he doubled down on the charges of "Fake News" and as the President continued efforts to try and replace his fired National Security Advisor.   The White House Chief of Staff was adament in his denial that the National security Advisor would not have full say over Staff and Policy--but to the contrary assurances were given to that effect.

We could not help but be amused at the latest Carl Cannon column as he noted how all have been consumed by the Trump Derangement Syndrom (TDS)!!  We here at The Daily Outsider will try and avoid it as much as we can!!!   But we could not help but note the Presidents' claim of an attack in Sweden during his "Campaign Style" event in Florida that was based on a Fox News Report.    Senator Graham and Senator McCain though were on The US Sunday Public Affair Shows underscoring the dangerous tendencies behind the President's attacks on the Media and the Judiciary.   Senator Graham went as far as underscoring that the Free Press and an Independent Judiciary are worth fighting and dying for.     

Two reports were of profound concern to us in our daily assessment of our World.  The first report was from the World Food Program that underscored how 4 famines throughout the World will result in 20 Million Deaths.    The front page story of the New York Times Sunday Edition showcased the worrying predicament faced by Mexico City as it is faced with collapse.   Our team also reviewed the highlights of the Munich Security Conference which featured all key countries apparently ganging up on Iran with Israel and Saudi Arabia leading the way.    Israel's Defense Minister quoted The US Secretary of Defense in underscoring his view that the issue was Iran as The Iranian Foreign Minister emphatically underscored a long-standing Iranian View that Iran will never produce Nuclear Weapons.   This is as Saudi Arabia continues its' relentless campaign in Yemen.    

Despite continued challenges in our World,  please enjoy this  "Momento" on the Eve of a New Week:   

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