Tuesday, February 28, 2017

View of the Week: On the Eve of March 2017......

As February is winding down,  Syria was again in the news as Russia and China vetoed another resolution condemning Syria.    Marwan Bishara of Al Jazeera is underscoring the profound dilemma as he noted what we agree with:  There appears to be no daylight between the Obama Administration and the Trump Administration not withstanding the President's Campaign pronouncements denouncing President Obama's policies during the campaign.    This is as the President's speech before Congress looms on this 40th Day of his Administration in the aftermath of his on-going listening tour.   The picture by Counselor to the President blew up Twitter, though as epitomized by the Wall Street Journal's Bret Stephens:

This is as he also spoke out against The persistent attack by the President and his aides against the Media:

Beyond Washington, there is Africa.   This past month has seen Zimbabwe edge ever closer to the abyss as the long-time Dictator/President, Robert Mugabe, notes that he would be running for Elections again.   Our Twitter Team featured a recent retrospective by the Economist of London on how far Zimbabwe has fallen.    We have also been assessing the latest out of Nigeria as the President of Nigeria is out ill and apparently been ill in London.     It is starting to present profound challenges for a country that continues to deal with a very challenging insurgency and the economic uncertainty due to oil prices.   Nigeria has Africa's largest economy and has 10% of Africa's population--as such what happens in  Nigeria matters.       

As we look to March, we will continue our focus on Africa, assess the on-going rise of China and India, focus on the Middle East, periodic updates on the Trump Administration (while avoiding the "Trump Derangement Syndrom)  as we look forward to our contributing editors sharing their on-going insights on our World.     

It is bound to be an Exciting March and as Spring looms,  we look forward to being able to live up this admonition: 

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