Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Notations On Our World: On #Iran

Iran is yet again in the news as the 2017  Munich Security Conference occurred.   It was quite an event. 

It featured the Israeli Defense Minister and the Iranian Foreign Minister. It also featured the Vice President of the United States that underscored the unwavering commitment by the United States while noting that NATO had to pay more for its' defense spending. What was very interesting was the interview that NBC News conducted with the Iranian Foreign Minister to get the Iranian View:

Dr. Zarif noted how Iranians came out in droves in support to reaffirm their commitment to the Islamic Republic.   One indication of how important the regime felt this to be important was that The Commander of the Quds Force, Ghasem Sulmeani, was probably recalled to Tehran as he participated in the Revolutionary Parade:

He also underscored how Iran was a victim and reminded the World about the US implicit support for Saddam Hussein. What he neglected to mention was that Iraq sued for peace in 1982--but Khomeini made the decision to continue the year for 6 more years primarily due to the advice he received from Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, the former President, who passed away approximately 2 months ago. As the struggle with the New Administration is at hand, what is also of note is the internal struggles that continues as Iran gears up for Presidential Elections. One of the potential opponents to the current President is the Mayor of Tehran, Ghalibaf. He is a high Ranking member of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corp that has been implicated in corruption. In addition, the collapse of the Plasko Building in Tehran has brought his leadership into question.   The Farsi Service of the Voice of America had an expose on him that laid bare the lies and his corruption and the corruption of his associates.    The Program is in Farsi--but the cries at the 3rd Minute by witnesses sent shivers through our spine. 

The more conservative elements in the Country have also continued their onslaught on President Rouhani. A senior prosecutor came out recently and stated that there are a number of dual-nationals inside the Government who are double-agents. The Intelligence Minister wrote a letter to this Senior Prosecutor that said in part, "...I would humbly request from my elder Brother (The Prosecutor) to refer any such individual to the Intelligence Ministry for investigation...". This was released on the Jamaran Instagram Page that is the official outreach arm for Khomeini's Grandson. It underscores the continued profound internal challenges as Former President Khatami called for National Reconciliation--although it was attacked during Friday Prayers. It was also of note that one of the leading oppostion figures inside the Country, Mehdi Khazali, was arrested on the eve of celebrations as he had called for a boycott by the people.

As the new Iranian Year is at hand, it will a challenging year ahead as underscored by the Trump Administration.   Israel has begun to resurrect its' on-going concerns regarding Iran. The Israeli Prime Minister underscored the on-going view about Iran during his summit with President Trump.   This is as the idea of the Two-State Solution was formally declared dead by President Trump--although The US UN Ambassador and the Ambassador-Designate tried to "dial down" the President's Views.    It was quite interesting how The Israeli Prime Minister noted that "labels do not matter".   How Iran's Proxies react will be interesting to watch. and comment on.

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